In deciding which attorney you should retain for your legal matter, you will need to consider several factors. Although cost is usually the determining factor for many people, you should always remember that cost is not always the most important one.

      The most affordable attorney is not always the one who will charge you less to retain, but often the one who will actually complete the job efficiently and quickly (time is money, after all).

      As a partnership of Greek-American lawyers, duly educated and licensed both in Greece and in the U.S., we are bound not only by the Greek Attorneys Code but also by the New York State Bar Association’s Code of Attorneys' Ethics and Professional Responsibility. In offering legal services in Greece or abroad, we take our licenses and our jobs seriously. We have strict timeframes regarding communication with our clients (all potential and existing clients’ inquiries are answered within 48 hours, all telephone calls are returned and you will be notified of each step we complete in your matter within 24 hours).

      We value honesty: if you do not have a strong case, we will tell you.

      Our goal is not to be retained, our goal is to be your lawyers for life. We want our clients to trust us with every legal matter they have. We understand that long-term business relationships are built on mutual respect and trust and are highly dependent upon keeping our clients satisfied. Instead of applying generic advocacy methods, our offices prepare tailor-made strategies because, to us, every client and every case is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

      Whether you require a divorce in Greece or are in need of a matrimonial attorney, whether you are trying to settle your Greek inheritance, your Greek nationality or are in need of a Greek residence permit or an immigration lawyer in Greece, or if you require property management in Greece or the U.S., you will receive the attention and the highly specialized legal services you deserve.


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