Family Law

       Our team of highly specialized family lawyers in Greece can handle any family law matter you may be struggling with. Some of our offered legal services in Greece include the following:

- Divorce: Whether you and your spouse are considering a consensual divorce or whether all bridges of communication have been broken and a contested divorce is the only available path, let us help you. Divorce in Greece can be stressful if you do not know what to expect. Before deciding whether to pursue a divorce, you should first ask yourself what you want to accomplish. If you seek to regain your freedom of movement and choice, if you need protection from an abusive spouse, or if your marriage is simply over and you wish to move on with your life, then divorce is the right choice for you. Divorce is not a path to getting revenge on your spouse. If revenge is what you are seeking, then you are not emotionally prepared for what divorcing in Greece is all about.
      Our team of highly qualified matrimonial attorneys will prepare a strategy plan that is suitable to your needs and will help you prepare emotionally for what will follow inside a Greek courtroom.

- Child support, Child Custody and Visitation rights in Greece: If you and your spouse are about to get divorced or separated and there are minor children, then issues such as child support, child custody and the non-custodial parent's visitation rights must be resolved. Our foreign clients must be aware that a Divorce Court in Greece has no jurisdiction to regulate matters regarding the children (unless a consensual divorce is pending and the parents have already regulated these matters with a private agreement). Therefore, matters regarding the children must be brought before a separate Family Court that will rule on custody, child support and visitation rights in Greece.
      Depending on the urgency and circumstances of your matter, our team of experienced family lawyers in Greece can handle all types of proceedings: injunction proceedings, emergency orders or regular actions. We are experienced in complex negotiations and agreements and work with your children's best interest at heart. We will not encourage you to remain caught up in endless disputes if an amicable resolution can be accomplished; but if there is no room for cooperation, we will fight aggressively to protect your parental rights. We remain committed to resolving family law matters in the least stressful and most efficient way for your family. 
      Our team of Greek-American lawyers is also experienced in matters regarding international families (such as parents from different cultural backgrounds) and has an active cooperation with major family law firms abroad.


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